Reading Roundup featuring Homo Deus, Brain on Fire, Big Magic, and Poems that Make Women Cry

Hi everyone, I’m still alive! I’ve been away for a long time due to some health reasons. Thanks for sticking around if you are reading this. I really appreciate your support!

To ease our way back into writing, I thought I would round up some books that I’ve been meaning to share:

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meaningful gift guide 2017.jpg

I hate holiday gifts. Or should I say, I hate it when people bustle busily, giving gifts just because everyone else is, only to contribute to what eventually becomes a pile of daily clutter. Rather than getting lost in a frenzy of wishlists, sales, and holiday editions, we should instead turn our efforts at giving meaningful gifts: gifts that can genuinely impact life for the better in lasting and profound ways. I’ve rounded up 6 things that might do just that. Continue reading “MEANINGFUL GIFT GUIDE”